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A Challenge for Jake

Hi Jake.


I am Richard Daris. I live in Bali, Indonesia. Today (Oct 18, 2019), I found you on your Youtube Videos and channel.


At about 5 or 7 of your videos was blown the any-"light"-thing on my mind.


And came across from these "blownlight" videos, I have a good-challenge-ideas to you.


Here is my challenge to you;

1. Record in video for everything you do on the point 2-7 below as a journey of this challenge.

2. Go to the street.

3. Found someone in homeless that hopeless.

4. Challenge him or her to become rich in 3 months.

5. Bring him or her to live with you or your family.

6. Teach him or her about your secret of fast-ways to be rich.

7. Assist him or her everyday, until become a new rich-man or rich-woman in 3 months since you and him or her starts this challenge.


I believe you and hime or her will be successful with this challenge.


This is a "big-new idea" and will make you, me, (and him or her in this challenge) and everyone that watched this and challenged to get rich as well as the man or woman in this challenge.


I'm very appreciated for your fast response.



Richard Daris

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