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Differences between each brainwave states?

Hello, I recently purchased the second mind program and I am truly excited to start changing my life with this technology. However, I noticed that there are different brainwave states (2hz, 3hz, 4hz, 6hz, 8hz) and I was wondering if someone can detail the difference in effects from each one or which is the "best." I haven't seen much explanation on it from Jake. 

No, not any questions like that. The second mind is very clear and present to me. Greetings

Considering we were given several different brainwave audios for the neuroprogrammer videos, I was just curious about the differences between each if anyone knows haha.

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Hi Brian I’ve had it a while now the first one is raw so it’s got no brainwave entrainment better for ppl with epilepsy. The 2nd 3rd are more deep and can make you drowsy ie. best at bed time the higher you go the more alert you will be for day time! 2hzdelta deep and sleepiest,3hz more dreamy state 4hz theta drowsy feeling 6hz fantasy a bit more up beat 8hz relaxed Alpha state sense of awareness and a much more conscious state in my opinion best for morning! Hope it helps you Brian and the more you do it you will see results believe in your self xx
Your brain is an electrical has trillions of circuits that exist in a “quantum” entangled 3D state. Your brain exists in the 4d as well. In the 2d you could think of it as a solid state circuit like any electrical motherboard. All connected and not connected knowing this what happens when you overload a circuit or put it in salty water?? Yes. It will over load. This is a good and bad thing. IF! It is not grounded you will blow capacitors(neurons) and that dear friends is no bueno mi Amor. Breaks mein corrazone. Ground out your body!!! Do it whenever you get excited and do a bunch of positive things. You’ll notice you feel drained and have to urinate perhaps. This is a form of grounding and yes Mother Earth wants your consciousness. Give het thanks when you ground out. You’ll notice if you have a panic attack you may be near a wifi router? Or around electric machines? That radiation is building up in your body...yes the router is microwave frequency and yes it will energize the water in your body...ground it out loves. It’s the best way to stay healthy!!! Blessed day-your new friend! Oliver Egan. (I’m here to help!)
As long as it’s tuned in resonant frequency to our lovely Mother Earth it won’t hurt ya! Trust me. I’ve went up to barely audible pitch in resonance with momma and boy oh boy does that send that 3rd peeper a searching. I recommend however!!! Stay at low frequencies near the natural Schumann resonance of let’s say 8hz. That’s the best for raw healing. #facts! ❤️
Try supplements with L-theanine in them as well. Natural sources? Green tea and various types of mushrooms! Imagine that. It will put you in a relaxed yet aware state. I’ve used it many times and yes oh boy does it help. Trust and believe lol
Thankyou Oliver so. Had I got it wrong the lower brainwave delta theta are not the best I’ve gone up to 8hrtz did it often in the morning but your saying 8hrtz is ok at night I’m not technically minded but what I explained to Brian has worked for me but hey I’ll give it a go and let ya know I’m actually about to get up Anyway now I’ll go for a lowered one but if I fall asleep again I’ll tell ya Oliver my friend haha
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