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Lower Ur Prices!!!

Get your prices to a more reasonable level, you greedy huckster. You're making excuses for having the nerve to charge $1,000.00 dollars for “The Second Mind" which is basically only a hypnosis video. I saw a preacher on TV the other day giving the same shtick.  “If U want a LARGE blessing U have to give a LARGE seed.  Call now w/your credit-card and give that 1,000 dollar seed, Hallelujah!”.    Did ur mother charge u when she cleaned wiped ass as a baby?  Did she expect payment?   Sometimes evolving into a higher being means helping others who are in need, and to heck with ur sense of “value”!   What makes someone valuable in my book isn’t their self prescribed worth, but rather their heart and generosity to others.   You are already a multi-millionaire. Who r u kidding? The majority of us real everyday people can't afford ur outrageous prices. By serving the rich minority you only serve yourself, and not us, who are the majority. There is nothing wrong with healthy capitalism. But price gouging your gullible desperate followers is just wrong on all levels.

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