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Can't Afford the Program !!!

Just cannot see my way to paying almost $1000. Have considerable debt that I am in the process of paying off. It would be irresponsible of me to sign up for your course, and in the process incur more debt. How about a "Hardship Scholarship" !?

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It is a lot of money for me also. It will be $1500 nzd lol. But I'll work on manifesting the money so I can purchase it, as it sounds like a great program. Thank you Jake, I love your videos!

I have  paid for the course month by month despite having not worked for some months whilst creating a new business model . Totally broke.  But investing in myself has  the best way forward. Everything is beginning to change in my life, especially  financially and I am re-learning how to manage my unlimited abundance! 

Invest in yourself! you are worth it!!

It is actually counter to Jake's original pure message that the universe is energy and a 3 x 5 card in your pocket will grant you everything that you can see. You will achieve a home like his in Maui with the waves lapping at his feet while he records for us.
Hi Jake, I really want to invest in your program and I believe in you. But recently I started coaching i started real estate though credit credit cards I am unemployed. I currently have 20k in debt, can you help me reprogram my mind I want to be a positive successful woman. I want to be financially free to help my parents but my real why is the help women and young girls find a voice through my experiences. I want to help them, can you help me help them? Can we work something out?
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