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Can't Afford the Program !!!

Just cannot see my way to paying almost $1000. Have considerable debt that I am in the process of paying off. It would be irresponsible of me to sign up for your course, and in the process incur more debt. How about a "Hardship Scholarship" !?

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It is a lot of money for me also. It will be $1500 nzd lol. But I'll work on manifesting the money so I can purchase it, as it sounds like a great program. Thank you Jake, I love your videos!

I have  paid for the course month by month despite having not worked for some months whilst creating a new business model . Totally broke.  But investing in myself has  the best way forward. Everything is beginning to change in my life, especially  financially and I am re-learning how to manage my unlimited abundance! 

Invest in yourself! you are worth it!!

It is actually counter to Jake's original pure message that the universe is energy and a 3 x 5 card in your pocket will grant you everything that you can see. You will achieve a home like his in Maui with the waves lapping at his feet while he records for us.
Hi Jake, I really want to invest in your program and I believe in you. But recently I started coaching i started real estate though credit credit cards I am unemployed. I currently have 20k in debt, can you help me reprogram my mind I want to be a positive successful woman. I want to be financially free to help my parents but my real why is the help women and young girls find a voice through my experiences. I want to help them, can you help me help them? Can we work something out?
Hi jake. I would really like to purchase your program. But im financially broke. Emotionally broke. And half way physically broke because im tired and feel dained. I desperatly need a 2nd mindset. Awhole new way of thinking. Because my thoughts have only led me to be miserable and unfullfilling life. I have been raised in poverty and parents was drug addicts and alcoholics. So my mindset from the beginning wasnt right. I have the desire and would go the distance for a 2nd mindset. I could be your poster child. I know that i could make a difference in my whole community. Once they see a new me. I would tell my story to the WORLD. And give them hope. Like you have for me. I want to join your team jake. Be on your side of putting out the negative fire that burns in our world.....many blessings

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i dont have that money.. and hoe can i use it 6 months free?

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About all of that of me not having to get a chance to get the 2nd mind technology. It is that I have no money, that's why I have read the Secret, and someway , somehow the universe led me here. To reveal the secrets, to get all the answers and to have a happy life. But I keep getting demotivated and start to think that, well maybe I'll never get to enjoy life as I thought, just that I don't have the money to buy the 2nd mind neuro programmer. Although I'm trying a way of getting as many hypnosis tracks .I hope I'm not a party pooper. And your discounts are really worth it. I hope I've summarised everything and hope you understand. Please, please, please reply back. Only email. Hope to talk to you again. Bye.

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I desperately want to get this technology, 100% ,but to me it seems like there's a block field around me, that is preventing me to get this tech.

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Hi, I would really love to use this technology but unfortunately there is no way I can afford it for now. My financial situation is so bad even having a three meal is a luxury. But thank you very much for all your free videos I am watching daily on YouTube though nothing has helped yet but I will keep on till one day the Universe answers me if this life of struggling is not my fate. Thank you again. Love and blessings.

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Dear Jake I come from Greece and I can't afford the 2nd Mind either, it is way off my budget.I have purchased Subconscious Bootcamp and Affirm your destiny, though, which are more affordable. I don't argue that the program is worth the price you are charging but according to your latest video, mantras, affirmations and envisioning don't really work to rewire our brains and the only thing that actually works is the 2nd Mind. If only 5% of people manage to succeed in the Law of Attraction then what are my chances of ever changing anything in my life with affordable programs+free material on the internet ?This price is not for the average person and not all of us have the type of disposable income and standard monthly paycheck you mention in your video. It's not that I don't want to invest in myself, I really wish I could. However, if I don't have money to invest in myself nothing will ever change.Does that mean I'm doomed for life?

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I just listened to the second mind and I am so excited because the entire time I had this smile that never went away, I am so grateful for your unbelievably generous gift but I have had some things happen recently and literally have about 300.00 to my name. I am still excited about it though because it exists and I know that this is temporary and that the universe has Devine timing and I am patient. I do hope that the discount comes my way again because its amazing! I am going to keep on this path because it is literally everything to me. I will succeed because I was led here by spirit itself, I never would have stumbled upon it on my own and I know that is true. I've been blessed with experiences that are literally ineffable. Jake , I love you because you are the voice God is speaking to me through, I am so thankful that you in no way coincidentally popped up on YouTube a few months ago. We don't have to meet for me to know that you are in fact part of my true family, my energy family... thank you so much and I would not hesitate had the circumstances been different. Much Love Jessica Jayne =)
I would have taken the PayPal credit option but I live in Abuja Nigeria. So I can't access it. What can do to have the 2nd Mind?

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Making the program affordable to everyone at $199.00 would literally bring Jake's message and methods to tens of millions across the globe and change forever the consciousness of mankind, thereby saving this beautiful planet from certain destruction. 

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Banks chasing me for my outstanding with them.

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