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Problems with order and discounts


I just need the Email of the customer service. Don´t know if I am right here.

4 people have this problem

Was unable to complete purchase because of computer fluke showing wrong price... would not allow me to erase my personal info then I sent email to ducey enterprises with order needed all my personal charge card info and asking for call back to order three sets of trilogy pack for 37.00 and get referred back to malfunctioning site again .. wrote e mail to ask if this is a scam and ask someone to call me .. no response.. I threatened to post on facebook my bad experience.. no respone.. jake ducey your follow up people are malfunctioning as your websites are .. please help or you’ll go broke.. no one is solviing the problem Jennifer camacho
I need customer service for a refund .only 2weeks since purchase. Please help
Do you have a discount for people who have made previous purchases? Im interested in the 2nd mind program but already have several of the bonuses.
Yes I would like to opt out it is not working for me so I would like the money returned to my account thank you Dean Monroe
Yes I am trying to get a refund as I'm only about 26 days into it and it's not working for me it says no problem money back guarantee it's not easy to find a phone number to do this is anybody know how to do this please email me

Hello, I unsubscribes and has been asking for refund for so many days and didnt get any response. CAn you please refund the money. Thank you

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