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It seems the harder it gets the harder it is to believe

I would like to know if Jake has done any topics on that if he has direct me to it so I can watch it now. if not think about doing it. Having trouble keeping my mind right. Especially when setbacks happen in Rapid succession. It's not really my past it's my present situation that I'm worried about. Okay here it is been doing this for about 3 months. Everything seems to be going good in the beginning. I think setbacks are a part of life. But many setbacks in a short period. It's hard not to focus on the bad PLEASE HELP ME. I am finding it is harder and harder to believe my own words.And this is for Jake ITS A DAMN GOOD THING YOU DO ON YOUTUBE JAKE PLEASE DON'T STOP. PS. thanks for the freebie you sent me with affirmations I believe I haven't listened to it yet but I will when I finish here I just wish I was able to get them all. I know this is for the Forum I was hoping you could make a video. If I'm experiencing this problem maybe many people are. Thank you TRK

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